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Achel 8 Blond is one of the authentic Belgian Trappist beers, produced by the monks from the Trappist abbey "De Achelse Kluis" in Hamont - Achel. This abbey actually straddles the Belgian Dutch border, with one part in each of the countries. The Achel Trappist beer has been brewed there since 1998. Brewing started at the monastery as they started to withdraw from their usual agricultural and diary producing activities, due to a decline in the number of monks at this abbey.

This beer was brewed by one of the brewers from the Rochefort monastery (which also produces official Trappist beers), brother Antoine. The Achel 8 Blond is a tripel beer. This beer was first released in 2001 as an unfiltered beer but was not such a success. Some modifications were carried out to result in a beer with fermentation in the bottle, which had more success. The Achel 8 Blond is an easy trappist beer to drink which is liked by most people. 

Achel 8 Blond is a beer of high fermentation. Achel 8 Blond is somewhat like a "light" version of a Westmalle Tripel, not a coincidence since some of the yeasts were supplied by the Westmalle abbey. 

Achel 8 Blond is quite a hoppy beer, which is apparent in the taste. The beer is quite dry and has a lingering after taste. The soft hints of malt tend to temper the bitterness somewhat. There are floral accents both in the aroma and in the taste of this Achel 8 Blond. Alcohol content is around 8% ABV.

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Beer style
Belgian Strong Golden Ale
3.73 3.73 / 5, score based on 30329x ratings provided by
Brouwerij der Sint-Benedictusabdij de Achelse Kluis
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