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Boon Faro is a Belgian Lambic beer produced by the Boon brewery in Lembeek. The founder of this brewery, Frank Boon started brewing at the young age of 22 in the year 1975. Like most Lambic breweries this one was located in the Flemish region of Pajottenland where all the wild yeasts live that are vital to the production of Lambics. The same brewery also produces several Kriek beers.

The basis of the Boon Faro is an a Lambic and an old Meerts beer, to which spices and candy sugar are added, giving it a striking sweet taste and brown coloring. The sweetness is not overpowering and it still has a delicate sweet and sour character. Boon Faro is essentially a softer version of true Lambic beers. With an alcohol content of just 5% ABV it's very easy to drink and a perfect thirst quencher on those hot sunny days. 

Common tasting notes include apple, raisins and citrus flavors. 

Faro Boon is a specialty based on old lambic beer and driven to which we add spices and sugar candy. This makes Boon Faro a sweeter and lighter version of lambic, as the alcohol content is just 5%. This lower alcohol lambic beer is the easiest to enjoy at any occasion. The candy sugar gives it a very delicate flavour. Faro is a popular Boon lambic beer, tasty and unpretentious. Kick back and enjoy it with friends.

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