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Grosse Bertha is another beer from the Brussels Beer Project. These guys run a collaborative organization that lets its members vote on which of its "prototype" beers is the best. Like the other beers from the Brussels Beer Project, this one was brewed at the Anders brewery. Other beers from this brewery include Brussels Beer Project Delta and Baby Lone.

For the selection of this beer there were four candidates, all of which were white beers. The tasting of the candidate beers was spread out over 7 events with more than a thousand votes were collected. Grosse Bertha was the 3rd prototype in this tasting, a white Belgian "Hefeweizen" beer with its typical banana tastes.

The aroma of the Grosse Bertha is also fruity and reminds a little of the Tripel Westmalle. It has a creamy body and the sweetness is not exaggerated. 

Grosse Bertha uses a pale malt which gives it a hazy & white appearance. The color is a light lemony yellow, typical of white beers. Grosse Bertha has medium carbonisation and a white head that tends to disappear rather quickly.

The yeast is Hefeweizen with a resulting taste that points to banana and cloves with smokey touches, a bit similar to sweet tripel beers. It's somewhat creamy with a medium body and not too bitter at all.

The hops used in the Grosse Bertha are Challenger and Smaragd which give this beer a fruity and flowery character. The alcohol content is around 7% ABV.

The name "Grosse Bertha" (meaning "Big Bertha") was also decided on through a voting process. It's perhaps a bit of a controversial name since it refers to a type of heavy mortar weapon which was used by the Germans during the World War. Strange choice for the name of a beer. Alternate choices were "Trinka" and "Hefke".

Belgian Hefeweizen. Grosse Bertha came to Brussels & got in love with Mr. Tripel... Welcome to a boosted Oktoberfest rocket - brewed in Belgium ! Winner of the 2014 prototype challenge: 31% of Brussels beer lovers voted this beer to be the best amongst the 4 wheat beer proposed beer by the Beer Project

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