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Chimay Blue is one of the Belgian Trappist beers, a dark ale which is brewed by one of the ten official Trappist breweries. It's one of the most common Trappist beers. This Chimay is distinguished from the other by the blue label and blue bottle cap. Chimay Blue is a dark, red-brown coloured beer. It's a strong beer that keeps well over the years (more so than the Chimay Rouge).

It's a true authentic Belgian beer with a delicious fresh yeasty smell that has touches of rosy flowers. It's quite a dry beer with an aroma that's noticeable as soon as the bottle is opened and complements the taste very well. Touches of caramel can also be detected in the Chimay Blue. This Trappist has prominent carbonization and a relatively low bitterness.

This Trappist is best served at a specific temperature of between 10° - 12°C and has a relatively strong 9° ABV. It's best to leave about 1cm of beer in the bottle, although this is of course always a question of taste.

Chimay Blue is available in small bottles of 33cl and also in the "Grande Reserve" variety of 75cl, which is often cellared and kept for a later occasion. Some bars in Belgium have 75cl bottles of Chimay Blue going back to the 1970's. A 150cl (Magnum) and 300cl (Jeroboam) version also exist. 

Chimay Blue was originally developed in 1948 by Father Théodore, originally for the specific occasion of Christmas. Due to its success the decision was quickly taken to produce it all year round. 

The Chimay Blue Cap, baptized "Grande Reserve" in 750 ml bottles is a dark Trappist beer with a powerful aroma, the complex flavor of which improves across the years. It was first brewed as a Christmas beer by the monks of Scourmont Abbey in 1956. This authentic Belgian beer, whose tinge of fresh yeast is associated with a light rosy flowery touch, is particularly pleasant. Its aroma, perceived as one enjoys it, only accents the delightful sensations revealed by the odor, all revealing a light but agreeable caramelized note. It is ideally served at cellar temperature (10 to 12°C).

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Belgian Strong Dark Ale
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