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Gouden Carolus Classic is a dark special beer brewed by Het Anker (translated at The Anchor), which traces its history back to the 1400's. This brewery is in Mechelen, a city about 30Km north of Brussels. In the 1990s, when the fifth generation of this family of brewers was in charge, several important investments were made when the buildings and brewing installations were completely overhauled and renewed.

Since then this brewery has achieved international recognition and has been exporting beer to over 30 countries in the world, while winning many awards along the way. Gouden Carolus Classic is one of those beers that's been awarded several prizes. At the 2012 World Beer Awards, Gouden Carolus Classic was awarded "World's Best Dark" beer. In 2010 Gouden Carolus Classic was awarded "World's Best Dark Ale". Previous, in 2009 Gouden Carolus Classic received the award of "World's Best Standard Strong Dark Ale", at the World Beer awards. The list goes on to include several more Belgian awards as well as a Silver medal in the Australian International Beer Awards of 2010.

Gouden Carolus Classic has a beautiful ruby red color with an alcohol content of around 8% ABV and exclusively uses Belgian hops. Like most beers from this brewery the Gouden Carolus Classic is filtered before bottling takes place. A small amount of yeast and sugars are added for a second round of fermentaion in the bottle. They are then placed in "hot rooms" for around 3 weeks before being released for consumption.

Gouden Carolus Classic is has dark, very balanced aromatic malts with touches of caramel. These, in combination with a traditionally high fermentation produce a beer that combines the warmth of wine with the freshness of beer. This makes it the perfect beer to have with stews, venison and patés.

Other beers from Het Anker brewery include Gouden Carolus Tripel and Gouden Carolus Ambrio

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Gouden Carolus Classic, the ‘Grand Imperial Beer’ from Mechelen, is brewed with dark, very balanced dosed caramel and aromatic malts. This unique beer combines the warmth of wine and the freshness of beer. This makes it very suitable in combination with culinary specialties such as stews, pâtés, ripened or strong cheeses. Elected Worlds’ Best Dark Beer (World Beer Awards 2012).

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Beer style
Belgian Strong Dark Ale
3.80 3.80 / 5, score based on 40544x ratings provided by Untappd.com
Brouwerij Het Anker
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