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La Trappe quadrupel is an official Trappist beer from the Koningshoeven brewery in The Netherlands, which is run by Trappist monks. The brewery at the monastery was founded in 1884. Production of beer here really picked up after WWI but the period after WWII saw a few problems. Like with other breweries in this part of Europe, a lot of the copper tanks has been confiscated by the Germans for use in the war. Eventually the Trappist monks managed to get things going again and started producing some great beers. The La Trappe name was established in 1980s when they started brewing top fermenting ales. 

As with other quadrupel beers like the Westvlereren 12 and the St Bernardus Abt 12, this La Trappe Quadrupel is a relatively strong dark ale, with an alcohol content of 10% ABV or more. This is the strongest beer from the La Trappe brewery. It has a beautiful dark amber color with a warm, intense taste which is very well balanced. A lot of the sweetness of this beer is easy to spot and the bitterness is quite discreet. 

This is a beer that's flavored with sweet malt and a slightly smokey flavor; it has a pleasant bitter and sweet after taste. The La Trappe Quadrupel still ferments after bottling and also has some fruity flavors like vanilla, banana and almonds. It is best served at its cellar temperature of between 10 - 14°C.

La Trappe Quadrupel was initially only brewed in winter. In this part of Europe, due to the weather there's a tradition of just hunkering down and having a kind of winter sleep. The weather didn't allow for any agricultural activities to be carried out. La Trappe Quadrupel was only brewed during the winter perhaps because a strong quadrupel beer so suits a kind of winter sleep indoors.

Regardless of the weather, La Trappe Quadrupel is a world class Quadrupel trappist that's often a bit obscured by the success of other quadrupel beers. Give it a shot - you might be surprised how it compares to the world's best.

25 years ago, The Koningshoeven brewery baptized her beloved Quadrupel under the approving glance of the monks. A closely guarded recipe became reality, and the first Quadrupel beer in the world was born. Still, Quadrupel is unique in its kind. Originally brewed as a seasonal for the real beer lovers. Meanwhile, an acclaimed beer with a stunning amber color and a warm, intense flavour. Malty sweet, slightly burnt and pleasantly bitter with a sweet aftertaste. A heavy beer with 10% alcohol, which has a true 'taste evolution’ because of the secondary fermentation after bottling. A wine amongst beers with aromas of banana, almond and vanilla.

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Beer style
Belgian Quad
4.00 4.00 / 5, score based on 91130x ratings provided by
Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven
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