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La Trappe White is a White Trappist beer from La Trappe brewery.

 La Trappe White is quite a unique beer, for two reasons. The first is that this beer is the only White Beer that can be called "Trappist". As you know there are only 10 breweries in the world that produce authentic Trappist beers, and this one, produced by the La Trappe brewery, is the only one that's produced in The Netherlands. In 1999 La Trappe actually lost their "Trappist" label due to cooperation with another brewer but in 2005 they regained the Trappist label. This La Trappe White was produced in the period around the time when they regained the Trappist label.

This beer was developed to be not too heavy and refreshing beer. It has a relatively low alcohol percentage of 5.5%. It poors with a nice head and has quite a wheaty flavour. The yeasty sediment at the bottom of the beer bottle should be included in the glass, as it ads a nice taste. It's a very well balanced beer and is nice and refreshing. La Trappe White is an unfiltered and unpasteurized beer and an "easy drinker". 

Fermentation continues in the bottle. This unique white beer is a real thirst quencher, perfect for those sunny days. La Trappe White pairs well with fish and chicken dishes due the aromatic hops that give it a citrus - fruity flavor. It should be served at a cool 4° - 6°C.

The world’s first and only white Trappist ale that continues to ferment slightly after bottling. Brewed using only water, wheat, and hops. No herbs are added. Saphir hops give the ale its citrusy aroma. A real thirst-quencher on a hot summer’s day that also makes for a delicious drink at any other time of the year.

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