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St Bernardus Tripel is brewed in a small village called Watou, in a remote corner in the West of Flanders where so many great beers are made. Even though the brewery is located on "Trappistenweg" (translated as "Trappist Road"), the St Bernardus Tripe is not a trappist beer. The bottle is characterised by a green label and has the a smiling monk holding a glass of beer. 

St Bernardus Tripel has another classic Belgian Abbey Ale of high fermentation. With a pale and cloudy amber colour, it looks like a typical triple beer. It's widely regarded as being one of the best Belgian Tripels.

St Bernardus Tripel has hints of grassy - orange flavours and a full silky smooth head with a remarkably long, soft and balanced after taste. This beer has a full body and a not too complex taste. It's an easy to drink beer. Like with the Prior 8 it has relatively high carbonisation. It has a relatively discreet and neutral aroma yet with a fresh and light character and hoppy - fruity scents.

St Bernardus Tripel has an alcohol percentage of 8% ABV. According to the brewery, this triple beer is very drinkable and light, making it very well suited for receptions or even as an "aperitif", also due to its low bitterness. 

This Trappist beer, with high fermentation, has a pale amber colour and a flowery, fruity taste with a harmonious balance between sweet and sour (8% alcohol content). This beer has a thick and vivid froth and strikes by its balanced taste with a delicate bitterness.

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Beer style
Belgian Tripel
3.84 3.84 / 5, score based on 54799x ratings provided by
Brouwerij St. Bernardus
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