Brewing Homer Simpsons favorite beer

Jul 15, 2015 by Stephane

Everyone knows Homer Simpson as the useless father of Bart and Lisa who pretends to work in a nuclear powerplant for the evil Mr Smithers.

Like every hard working man Homer enjoys a good beer, in his case this is the fictional Duff beer. Duff beer is the most popular beer in Springfield and the beer brand has its own mascot - Duffman!

The neighboring enemy town of Shelbyville also has their own beer which is called Fudd and is probably far inferior to Duff beer.

Duff beer has a theme park called Duff Gardens where Bart and Lisa learned there are 28 variations of Duff.

Media company 21st Century Fox has given the green light to start brewing Duff beer legally. Previous there have been “illegal” versions of Duff beer and the media company worked hard to get it all off the market. At the end of the 90s Lion Nathan brewery in Australia was making this beer and was forced by the media company’s lawyers to destroy all its stocks.

Illegal versions of Duff beer kept popping back up. It became so popular that 21st Century Fox eventually decided to market the one and only real Duff beer. As from next week it will be available in Chile and after that also in Europe and the rest of South America.

Even though it’s a bit of a “joke” beer, a special recipe was actually developed and the beer is described as having a gold color with hints of fruity flavours.

Duff beer won't join the ranks of the famous Belgian Trappist beers anytime soon but I'm still curious to try it!